The Lublin Ballet Trust has been conducting artistic and educational activities for children and young people since 1956. We work under the auspices of the Association of Dance Friends. We aim at the popularisation of dance, especially artistic dance, as well as at the education of would-be dance lovers. We work like a school, teaching many different kinds of dance, such as classical, characteristic, folk, stage and modern ones, as well as audio education and pantomime. All children from the age of 4-and-a-half regardless of their previous preparation or abilities may become our pupils. We have more than 250 pupils. After nine years of education some of them may be chosen to represent our school at various performances in Poland and abroad. The Lublin Ballet Trust cooperates with professional ballet and modern dance teachers and choreographers from the best ballet schools in Poland, Belarus, Belgium and Ukraine. Since 1995 we have been collaborating with "Imago Tijl" dance group from Neerpelt (Belgium). Our pupils have become professional dancers in many prestigious ballet groups such as Polish Dance Theatre in Poznan, performed in the stages of the National Theatre in Lvov (Ukraine) and won the First Prize in The International Ballet Dance Competition in Pilzen (Czech Republic) during the "International Revue of Ballet Schools".

In 1995 the Association organised its first International Young Ballet Dancers Meeting, which nowadays has become a biannual dialogue between different dance cultures, with guests from Belgium, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Scotland and Ukraine. The latest edition took place in 2017.

Throughout the 60 years of our activity, we have always been promoting the development of individuality and at the same time a thorough preparation in various dance techniques in our students towards becoming future performers and appreciators of art.

We are interested in making contact with foreign dance groups for young dancers and also in artistic collaboration with choreographers.